Professional Services

For individual business owners

Tax consultation and tax return preparation/filing

If you are doing business in Japan, you need to pay taxes or at least need to file an income tax return every year. I have seen many cases in which business owners fail to start preparing for tax filing until very close to its due date (March 15th of the following calendar year). I have met those foreign people who were struggling to fill tax return forms in Japanese around March 10th and seeking for help. If you feel you may possibly fall into the category of those people, please contact us! Receipts for purchases, entertainments,etc. can be scanned and fed into our accounting system which would create financial statements and tax returns for you to file! Any questions you may have will be answered in English.


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For corporations

Tax and accounting consultation and tax return preparation/ filing

In addition to tax return preparation/filing, we can offer the following services leveraging on extensive experience as CFO at the Japanese subsidiaries of major foreign companies.   (1) IFRS, US GAAP reporting support including communication assistance with foreign headquarters/affiliated companies (2) Tax reporting support (current and deferred taxes) (3) Advice on imporovement of efficiency of accouting operations 


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